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IoT System

Wireless communication-based IoT systems

Wireless communication-based IoT systems

e-IoT Systems that implement intelligent power grids

Wireless communication-based IoT systems
1Port Power Control Devices
- Wireless communication-based control of various power sources
- RF 447Mhz-based two-way wireless communications
- Convenient installation, additional installation, and convenient relocation
- System status values, the presence of communications, and power control
IoT-Based Multi-Channel Data Collection Devices
- Data transmission and reception based on NFC (BLE4.0, RF447Mhz)
- Collection and processing of data values from various sensors
- Connection with the monitoring products of existing solar power plants
  • LwM2M

    LwM2M(Lightweight Machine to Machine)is an efficient, safe, and deployable client-server protocol, and provides security workflows and systematic device management for IOT.
  • CoAP

    CoAP(Constrained Application Protocol)is an application protocol for CPU, memory, communication, or bandwidth-constrained devices, such as small sensor devices.
  • MQTT

    MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)is a light and accessible open-source protocol that is receiving a lot of attention thanks to the explosive growth of IoT, and is also an easy and efficient method of data transmission from IoT devices.